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Oral Mysteries: Is a Disappearing Toothache Bad News?

May 26, 2021

Sudden and persistent oral pain is never a good sign. In fact, the discomfort usually occurs to alert you to get help, because an oral problem is getting worse and could result in serious damage to your smile. The longer you leave off addressing pain, like a toothache in Lake Havasu, the more harm it could cause. Eventually, it may even get to a point where your toothache will suddenly disappear. Although this may seem like you caught a lucky break, that’s most likely not the case. Read on to learn what’s happening in your mouth if a persistent toothache suddenly disappears.

What Does it Mean if You Have a Toothache?

Toothaches can appear due to an object becoming stuck between your teeth, or something as serious as an untreated cavity that has developed into a tooth infection. Either way, it’s a good idea to have it checked out by an emergency dentist in Lake Havasu to make sure that the issue doesn’t progress. During your checkup, they’ll take X-rays of your mouth and conduct a thorough visual and tactile examination of your teeth and gums to diagnose the underlying problem and develop a treatment plan.

How Can a Tooth Infection Get Worse?

Infections are a result of untreated dental decay that has created a path to the interior of your tooth. Once this happens, harmful oral bacteria can travel through the carved-out structure and enter into the inner chamber of your tooth, attacking the pulp, which is a collection of nerves and soft tissues. This is what causes most people with infections to experience a severe, throbbing, and persistent toothache that can be distracting and keep you from getting the rest you need.

If you don’t seek out treatment, your infection can spread to the roots of your teeth and result in the pain to become either so severe that it eclipses your pain threshold or causes your tooth to die. This is when your toothache will suddenly disappear, and instead of being able to preserve your tooth with root canal therapy, you’ll likely need to have it extracted.

What Should You Do If Your Toothache Suddenly Disappears?

If your toothache suddenly disappears, it’s not a miracle or a good thing. You need to visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that your tooth can be salvaged. If not, your dentist can remove it, keeping the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to live with an incomplete smile. Your dentist offers several restorative treatments to get your oral health back on the right track and allow you to continue enjoying a complete smile.

About the Author

Dr. Christine Gonzalez has over 30 years of experience providing trustworthy and effective emergency dental care. She always tries to treat or examine patients who are in pain the same day they call to avoid additional oral damage and takes pride in being as transparent as possible so patients can make the decisions that are best for their long-term oral health and budget. If you’re experiencing a toothache or oral pain that has suddenly disappeared, visit Havasu Dentistry’s website or call 928-455-2601 to schedule an emergency appointment today.