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Is A Chipped Tooth A Dental Emergency?

July 31, 2021

A chipped tooth results in a considerable loss of dental integrity and can potentially contribute to further chips and enamel defects later. While the majority of patients who chip their teeth come to us for restoration for cosmetic purposes, we recognize that many do not. It is critical to understand that any time you chip or otherwise injure a tooth, you should get your tooth and gums checked by a dentist to check out any underlying damage and safeguard your tooth from further harm.

In most circumstances, you should schedule a repair for your chipped tooth. The treatment depends upon how deep the chip runs. A chipped tooth results in a considerable loss of dental tissue and can make a significant contribution to further chips and enamel defects in the coming. If a tooth is chipped deeply enough, the chip may interfere with the functioning of the nerve within your tooth. This can cause excruciating pain and even discolouration of your teeth as the nerve within dies.

What Are the Treatments for a Broken Tooth?

Based on the severity of the chip or breakage, there are several options for treating a broken tooth, ranging from basic bonding and veneers to caps, crowns, and fillings. We may even recommend a root canal depending on the extent of the break.


Bonding is often a standard method of repairing broken or chipped teeth, exceptionally tiny or less complicated defects.
Once your dentist has roughened up the remaining enamel, the composite material will be able to join. They will then attach and shape the bond to make a natural-looking cover over your chipped tooth.
Finally, a blue light is used to solidify the material and solidify the bonding.
Bonds can last for up to ten years if properly cared for.


Veneers or dental implants are usually required for more severe damage or chipping.
Repairing a chipped or slightly chipped tooth with veneers entails fitting porcelain covers on a front tooth, providing a smooth natural appearance that is identical – or perhaps better – than your original teeth.
Veneers are a fantastic solution if you want to repair a chipped tooth while also improving the overall appearance of your smile since your dentist can implant one veneer over just the fractured tooth or several at a time to create a unified look.
Veneers are also an option if you have a chipped or fractured bonded tooth, and they can last for more than 10 - 20 years.

Dental Crowns and Dental Caps

Dental caps and crowns, like veneers, are porcelain covering for your teeth.
Crowns, unlike veneers, cover the complete tooth rather than just the front or visible section of the tooth.
Dental crowns are generally regarded as the best approach for damaged tooth treatment whenever the break or crack has led to considerable loss of the original tooth.
Crowns can restore your smile rapidly while also minimizing further damage, dental caries, and nerve pain.
Crowns often necessitate two trips to the dentist's office: the first to manufacture the crown mould and the next to fix it in place.
In the meanwhile, a temporary crown will most likely be fitted to safeguard your fractured tooth.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a frequent method of repairing a fractured tooth or cavity, mainly if that is a chipped molar or back tooth which is not visible.
Metal fillings were once the most prevalent option, but newer materials, such as porcelain (LINK), more closely approximate the feel and look of the natural teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

If most of your tooth has been broken off but the roof is still intact, your dentist may advise you to have a root canal.
This entails inserting a pin or post into the canal of your tooth to strengthen it enough for a temporary crown to be put, and then a permanent crown will be glued on the post to restore your smile.


Chipped teeth can quickly become a dental emergency if left untreated, that's why it's important to contact Havasu Dentistry right away if you are experiencing a chipped tooth.