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Why Choose Havasu Dentistry for Dentures?

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Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

You should think twice about leaving a gap in your smile alone for too long. Your remaining teeth will soon start to move into the empty space, resulting in severe misalignment issues that could put undue stress on your jaw joints or lead to conditions such as bruxism (grinding of the teeth at night). Even before you start noticing the long-term consequences, you’ll face the challenges to trying to eat all of your favorite foods or speak clearly without a full set of teeth. And of course, the consequences will be even more devastating if you’ve already lost most or all of your teeth.

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What are Full and Partial Dentures?

There are two kinds of dentures that can be used to replace multiple teeth at once. Full dentures are probably the most well-known; they’re generally the most cost-effective option for replacing all of the teeth in an arch (or both arches) at once. Patients who still have plenty of healthy teeth should get partial dentures instead. This type of dental prosthetic is often compared to a puzzle piece, as it can be customized to fill in the empty spaces in your mouth wherever they might be located.

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Denture Alternative

Many people immediately think of dentures when considering forms of tooth replacement. However, it’s important to realize that there are different kinds of tooth loss, and it may be best to consider other solutions – such as dental bridges or implants – depending on your case.

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Dental Bridges

While partial dentures are useful for replacing multiple teeth in different areas of the mouth, dental bridges are an excellent option if said teeth were all in a row. Each bridge is made of a series of crowns, two of which have been hollowed out so that they can be attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post used to support prosthetic teeth. Four to eight dental implants can anchor dentures in place, giving them better stability and chewing power. It generally takes months to complete the dental implant process, but most patients find that the long-term benefits are well worth it.

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