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Scaling & Root Planing

Treating advanced gum disease involves a deep cleaning process that’s a bit more involved than what you receive during a routine checkup and cleaning. The first step is scaling, which simply means removing bacteria, tartar and other materials from the area around and beneath the gum line. After that, it’s time to smooth out the roots of the teeth through a process called root planing. A smoother surface makes it easier for the gums to reattach themselves as they heal, and it reduces the area where bacteria can easily gather again. Scaling and root planing often must be done multiple times over the course of several appointments.

Antibiotic Therapy

Once a deep cleaning has been performed, we can place antibiotics in your gum tissue. Said pockets are often the result of the gums pulling away from the teeth, and they serve as a space where food debris and bacteria can easily become trapped, which in turn makes gum disease worse. The best way to fight an infection in these areas is to leave antibiotics that slowly release the medication they contain over the course of several days. After a set period of time, you’ll return to our dental office so that we can confirm the antibiotics did their job.

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