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Why Choose Havasu Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Handled Under One Roof

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for Accurate Placement

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Dental Restorations

Dental Bridges

If you only lose one tooth or a few teeth in a row, we might recommend a dental bridge. After we’ve removed a small amount of enamel from the teeth next to the gap, we can attach a pair of crowns that hold one or more prosthetic teeth between them. The natural teeth act as support while the prosthetic is what actually fulfills the function of the missing tooth. We typically make bridges out of beautiful tooth-colored materials that will last for many years and help maintain a natural appearance.

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With dentures, you have an affordable way to replace multiple teeth at once – even if an entire arch is gone! You can choose between a full denture that can replace all your teeth or a partial denture that is custom designed to fit into gaps spread throughout your mouth. Today’s dentures last longer and look more natural thanks to the high-quality materials used to make them; each one is individually designed so as to fit and blend in perfectly in your unique mouth.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants have set a whole new standard for tooth replacement. No longer do we have to settle for only replacing the parts of the teeth that are used for biting and chewing. Titanium implant posts act as substitutes for the roots that normally rest underneath the gums. Whether you need to replace single, multiple, or all teeth in an arch, dental implants offer a way to give your new smile some much-needed support.

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