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Why Choose Havasu Dentistry for TMJ/TMD Therapy?

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Options for Care

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Diagnostic Technology

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Oral Appliances

Diagnosis & Treatment

If your jaw pain is linked to a temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMJ disorder), the first thing we need to do is diagnose the condition using a detailed X-ray as well as a comprehensive cone beam scan of the mouth and jaw. During your visit, please be very specific about where the pain is located and how often it occurs. All of this information will help us narrow down the nature of the jaw pain so that it can be treated appropriately with a customized oral appliance or a carefully planned equilibration/occlusal adjustment process.

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Equilibration/ Occlusal Adjustments

Sometimes a TMJ disorder is linked to an uneven bite that places a disproportionate amount of pressure on the joints of the jaw. Said unevenness could be linked to misaligned teeth, a jaw injury that didn’t heal properly, or a restoration that was poorly placed. We can correct the distribution of force in your bite simply by modifying your teeth so that the upper and lower arches touch each other evenly all throughout the mouth.

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Occlusal Splints

Teeth grinding is another possible cause of TMJ disorders, as it strains the jaw joints. An occlusal splint can be used to support the TMJ and protect the nearby muscles; it also helps protect the teeth from the damage they might suffer from grinding against each other. Each occlusal splint is customized based on an impression of your mouth, and they are typically made out of a processed acrylic resin. They’re made to be as comfortable as possible in order to help you find relief from your TMJ disorder.

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