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What is a Dental Laser?

A laser is a highly concentrated, high energy beam of light. In dentistry, it’s typically intended to be used on the soft tissues inside your mouth – specifically, your gums. We can use lasers to remove unnecessary tissues, relieve dental pain, and enhance specific cosmetic procedures. Specific uses include the removal of dead tissue, hardening of fillings, removal of decay, and promote healing. Using a dental laser tends to reduce recovery time, and less bleeding occurs since any exposed blood vessels are quickly resealed.

What are Dental Lasers Used to Treat?

Dental lasers are recommended in a number of different cases. Here at Havasu Dentistry, we mainly use them to help patients who are at risk for gum disease. The energy of the laser is useful for eliminating bacteria in the gums as well as the blood, thus preventing the infection from spreading throughout the mouth and causing further damage. Laser dentistry is also useful for reshaping the gum line for cosmetic purposes. An advantage of using lasers for gum-related treatment is that it’s much easier to ensure that we don’t remove more tissue than necessary.

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